miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011


Fill your desktop of sounds!

There are a lot of soundboards of series and films so some day I thought: - Why not make an app that allows you to make your own soundboard, your own set of sounds available just by click on buttons, and even better, why not do it inside widgets. Well, the result is Soundget widget.

How it works:

Add a new Soundget widget to your desktop, press on the label Settings and opens a screen that lets you assign a sound to your phone (which you can access through the default Android RingToneManager, Browse option menu, or you can press Get Sample Sound button and select one.) Well then just save the changes (Save menu option) and you will have that sound on your desktop.

Now you can have the sounds of your favorite series on your desktop, or playing musical notes for fun, just enjoy!



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